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wild about harry

The idea of Lucky Dawg all started many years ago with a sweet senior dog named Harry. Mary, the director of LDAR, was approached by a couple who found themselves in a tough situation.  

The couple was down on their luck and  living in their car. While they loved Harry with all their hearts, they knew they couldn't give him the life he deserved. Mary adopted Harry and the idea of Lucky Dawg began. 

Harry became part of the pack in Mary's home. He was a gentle, loving old pittie who made every day special. Everyone who had the pleasure 

of meeting Harry fell instantly in love with him and his breed. With such a negative stigma on pitbulls, Harry was the true spirit of the pittie personality we know and love

Harry lived the rest of his years with only the very best life had to offer. He departed this world in the loving arms of his family and on his terms. Lucky Dawg Animal Rescue is dedicated to Harry. May we always be the people that Harry knew and loved. May we always make him proud. 

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